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Muzzleloading Information

Muzzleloaders are becoming increasingly popular for hunting Ontario moose. In most areas there is no special season for muzzleloaders. They can be used during any regular gun season. There is, however, a special archery-and muzzleloader- only season on Lake of the Woods’ Aulneau Peninsula (WMU 7A) in northwestern Ontario. Serious moose hunters choose large-calibre muzzleloaders, with .50 and .54 calibres being the most popular.

Whether the choice is patch and ball or sabot, for a clean kill use a heavy bullet driven by as large a charge as is consistent with safety and accuracy. After the harvest, the real work begins! Many first-time moose hunters are shocked at the sheer size of the downed animal. The wise hunter has both the knowledge and skill required to preserve the food quality of the meat while getting it promptly to camp, a butcher, or other cold-storage facility. Few moose hunters go out alone because the prospect of handling a dead moose by oneself is daunting, to say the least.