Non-Resident Info

Maximize your experience: hunt with an outfitter A non-resident who wishes to hunt moose in Ontario must have valid hunting accreditation and be a registered guest and actually accommodated at a tourist establishment authorized to issue nonresident moose validation tags. The outfitter must apply for and receive, on the nonresident’s behalf, a validation tag to hunt moose. Non-residents must have the validation tag prior to purchasing a moose licence. The only exceptions to this are non-residents who hunt with an immediate relative in specific circumstances, and nonresidents who are Wildlife Management Units.

For more information, check the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary or call the Ministry of Natural Resources Information Centre at 1-800-667-1940.
Ontario’s selective harvest program The harvest of moose in Ontario is controlled by a selective harvest program, which limits the taking of adult animals with the highest reproductive potential. Hunters enter a draw for a validation tag that allows the harvest of either a bull or a cow moose. Check the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary for information on moose validation-tag application procedures.